Venue Selection: Things to Consider

Words of Wisdom:  Before you begin venue scouting, KNOW YOUR BUDGET!  

The worst thing in the world is to fall in love with the venue of your dreams, only to realize it is not in your budget.  This will never end well.  Below are a few tips we recommend you consider prior to booking your wedding venue.

1.  Does this venue fit in my budget?

Prior to venue scouting, you want to ensure you have a clear understanding of your wedding planning budget.  Sit down with your fiance and financial contributors to discuss the overall budget.  

2.  Does the venue have minimum spend requirements?

Often times couples calculate the cost of catering based on expected guest count without realizing that may not meet the venue minimum requirements.  Be sure to ask when meeting with venues if they have minimum requirements and what will they be at the time of your wedding.

3.  What is your design vision?

Do you desire an indoor or outdoor event?  Banquet room or Rustic barn?  If you have a defined wedding vision, many venues will be ruled out.  If you do opt for an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, does the venue provide a back up plan in case of bad weather?  When vetting venues be sure to add these questions to your inquiry list.

4.  Are there catering restrictions?

Does the venue require you to use their staff for catering needs or can you utilize a licensed caterer of your choice?

5.  What are the venues insurance policy

It is not uncommon for venues to require the wedding couple and/or wedding vendors to carry liability insurance.  Avoid last minute surprises, confirm the venues requirements and ensure all vendors adheres to this policy.