The Wedding Planning Timeline | key to staying on schedule during the planning process

Photo Credit:  Waterhouse Studios Photography

Photo Credit:  Waterhouse Studios Photography

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Friday!!!

We are having a great day and we hope you are too.  We are in such a good mood we feel like giving something away!!! 

Today, we will be sharing our wedding planning timeline!  This is a great tool for any bride planning a wedding over the next nine to twelve months.  We are giving this away for no reason other than we love our followers and want to continue to provide you information to help you in your wedding planning journey! 

While this is not our full standard timeline, (that would be entirely too much information to share and explain in a blog post) this is a great template to keep you on track.  Remember the goal is to stay on schedule and on budget!  Yes, I am always bringing up that dreaded “B” word lol.  If you missed our previous post and would like to also download our budget template, please click here!

The average wedding takes approximately 12 - 18 months to plan.  The key to managing all of the moving parts is to stay ORGANIZED!  You may download your complimentary planning timeline here