Wedding Etiquette 101

Photo Credit:  Juliet Photogrpahy

Photo Credit:  Juliet Photogrpahy

As if planning a wedding wasn’t stressful enough, you find yourself worrying about ETIQUETTE!  Often brides find themselves asking, what exactly is proper wedding etiquette and who came up with the rules.  It’s a fair question.  My personal motto is - your day, your way but there are some repeated questions often asked by couples which we will discuss some of them here today on the EWDblog!  

Can I mention monetary gift preferred on my invitation?

There are several reasons a couple may prefer to receive monetary gifts such as they already have all the dishes and houseware items they need or they prefer to have the money for their honeymoon or maybe they are saving to purchase their first home together.  All valid reasons but it doesn’t change the answer.  You should NEVER include the mention of any gift whether it be monetary or a gift registry in your invitations.  Guest giving wedding gifts to the newly married couple is a gesture of goodwill.  It is not an obligation or an exchange for the privilege to witness your wedding day.  

Don’t fret, there are ways around this.  If cash is what you prefer, make your close family and friends aware of this.  When they are asked by others what would be a great wedding gift, they are prepared to mention you already have everything you need but recommend a monetary gift which you could really use the money towards the purchase of your new home!  

Cash Bar

Our wedding budget is getting tight and we prefer to eliminate the open bar to allow funds for other items in the planning process.

The response to this statement is a cash bar should be a last resort when there are no other options.  The cost of an open bar can be excessive when you take into account the number of people multiplied by the average 4 hours of a wedding reception but there are alternatives.  Consider offering beer and wine only.  Offering a beer and wine bar can save you almost half the cost of a premium open bar.  Another option is to offer a signature drink.  Offering guest a signature drink will allow them the option of not having to incur the expense of paying for drinks.  Another perk of a signature drink is you can tie it into your decor and theme adding to the details of your beautiful day.  

Addressing the Invitation

When guest receive your invitation they are getting a preview of your wedding day!  The invitation is the first impression guest will have of your wedding day.  Pre-printed mailing labels offer a super convenient way to address invitation envelopes but it is also super impersonal for such a personal occasion.  A calligrapher is not in everyone’s budget but again, there are alternatives.  Ask a friend or relative with neat handwriting if they will mind addressing your envelopes for you.  This adds the special personal touch that will be in line with all of the other details you have put in place.