Wedding Day Management

Over the past 12 months you have planned the wedding of your dreams.  You have all your plans neatly tucked away in your planning binder but now you need them executed!

Your day is more complex than requiring someone to come in on the "day of" to execute.  The intimate details you have put into planning your wedding day requires a professional who will come in and manage the execution.

I have the solution for you- Wedding Day Management! 

Many years, this service was called Day of Coordination.  The logic behind this is you are hiring a planner to coordinate the day of your wedding but this is misleading.  Is it possible for you to take your planning binder and hand it off to a coordinator to execute on the day of or at the earliest, at the rehearsal?

What do you get with Wedding Day Management Services? 

1.)  Transition Meeting - you will turn over your planning binder and contracts to your wedding coordinator.  Your coordinator will take this information and do a deep dive to make sure all of your I's are dotted and T's are crossed!

2.) Peace of mind - now that you have put all the plans in place you can rest assured knowing your coordinator will pick it up from here and keep the ball rolling.  Your coordinator will reach out to all of your vendors and advise she will be the point of contact going forward.  She will review expectations per the contract and  provide a day of timeline to each vendor.  This is all necessary to ensure your wedding day is perfect.

3.)  Your vision transformed to reality - your coordinator has reviewed your planning binder as well as your pinterest boards.  She has an understanding of your expectations and will create a ceremony and reception layout. She will confirm vendor expectations as well as guide and direct you and your wedding party through the rehearsal and the day of!

You have put in the hard work, now its your time to enjoy the moments!

Remember- enjoy the moments!


Yolanda B.