DIY Weddings -To Do or Not To Do!

Between Pinterest and how-to-guides, many couples are led to believe they can DIY their entire wedding.  I hate to tell you, that is just not the case.  While some things can be done as a fun DIY project with your mate or bridal party, others will create more stress than it's worth.  

Today we will discuss some DIY do's and don'ts!

5 Wedding details to DIY

Welcome bags

By car, by plane, by train....your family and friends will travel to witness your big day.  How special will they feel when they arrive to check-in and find a welcome bag awaiting them.  This is an inexpensive but thoughtful way to thank your guest for coming to share in your wedding day!


You can do this!  There are several online companies such as Vistaprint which offer a great online service where you can customize and design programs which compliment your wedding style.  


Wedding favors can be as simplistic or complex as you desire.  This is perfect for couples who want to add their personal touch.  Currently trending are edible wedding favors; smore's, candies and bagged popcorn..  These items can be prepared well in advance and with minimum stress.

Photo Album

While we strongly recommend the use of a professional photographer, an area for the budget conscious and/or crafty couple is the photo album.  Opt for a photography package without the album and take on the task of creating your own.


Do you often hear "oooh, you have pretty writing" or does one of your BFF's have handwriting that everyone is always raving over?  Will you be incorporating chalkboards as part of your decor?  If you have answered yes to these questions, this is the ideal DIY task for you!

5 Wedding details we recommend you leave to the professionals


Wedding photos are wedding memories which will last a lifetime.  While friends and family are capable of snapping the moments of your day, they are guest and will be busy celebrating you.  You do not want to miss candid moments and detailed shots which will tell your wedding story long after the I Do's!  After your big day you will sit back and gush over the photos and moments you didn't even know took place.


Your family may have the reputation of the being the best cooks in town but this is not a detail you want to concern yourself with for your wedding day.  Cooking for 200 people is much different than cooking for 20.  This is a task best left to the professionals.  The time and energy required to cater for your big day will steal away the moments you should be celebrating. 


Will the tiers hold?  Will the icing melt?  Will there be an oven mishap?  The wedding cake has extreme complexities and you do not want to risk all the mishaps which can happen, right before your big day!  We recommend you leave this to the professional baker!


Technology is GREAT!  Everyone has their favorite tunes on their smartphones and which can be saved into playlist.  Of course its easy to assume this is a an easy DIY task but we advise that you DON'T.  You and your guest will dance the night away.  You don't want to risk a dying a battery, poor reception or technical issues to ruin the party.


You have the wedding dress of your dreams; hair styled as a princess and the most exquisite jewelry- continue the look with a gorgeous professional bouquet.  Although the "how to" websites make it seem rather simple, it really is not.  Their is knowledge of design and flower care that a professional florist have which is often overlooked in a "how to" article.  How horrible would it be to walk down the aisle with a wilted bouquet!



Remember - enjoy the moments!


Yolanda B