Destination Wedding Management

PICTURE THIS:  You, your mate and 50 of your closest family and friends beachfront on a beautiful island surrounded by sunny skies and clear blue water.  To top it off you have hired a Destination Wedding Planner you are truly enjoying the moments!

3 Reasons To HIre a Destination Wedding Planner

1.)  Wedding Planning Services:  Similar to getting married right in your hometown, you will have all the advantages of a planner from venue scouting, budget management, vendor management and ceremony/reception layout.  Professional Destination Planners have resources which consist of a network of professional suppliers worldwide.  The planner will be the liaison between yourself and the destination representative.  

2.) Guest Management:  You are focused on being the bride, let your Destination Wedding Planner handle the logistics of your guest.  Transportation, hotel booking, excursion bookings will all be handled by your Destination Wedding Planner.

3.)  Legalities:  Every country has it's own set of laws in addition to making sure your marriage is recognized back here at home in the U.S.  Have you ever tried calling the government of a foreign country to inquire about marriage requirements?  Between language barriers and hold times, it can be an unpleasant experience.  A combination of experience and resources allows your destination planner the advantage to be able to provide you with this information to make sure at the end of the day your marriage is legal and recognized!

Destination weddings are not only great because they offer beautiful scenery but they allow you and your guest to feel like you are on vacation!

Are you considering a destination wedding?  Drop us a note and let us know!  We'd love to chat about your experience.

Remember- Enjoy the moments!