Bridal Party Selection Process

Hey Lovelies,

YOU'RE ENGAGED and your girls are anxiously waiting on your announcement of your bridal party!  As the excited fiancée, you want everybody to be a part of your big day but that is just not reality.  Before selecting your bridal party their are a few things to consider as this is not a decision to be taken lightly.  When you select your bridal party, you are building your team of support through your planning process. 

The Bridal Party Vetting Process

1.      Financial Responsibility: 

Consider the expense your selected bridesmaids will incur. The dress, shoes, hair, make-up plus contributing towards the bridal shower can easily exceed $500.00.  If this will create a hardship, you may want to re-consider. 

2.      Team Player:

I cannot express how important this is.  This is YOUR day!  We all have that one friend that requires a little more attention than others!  Will she be able to take a back seat for your big day?  Will she be able to get along with the other bridesmaids?  At the end of the day we want this to be a stress free process.

3.      Reliable

Can you depend on her to follow the timeline for request which is made of them?  The last thing you want is a bridesmaid who did not comply with the schedule and now has ordered her dress to late to receive by your wedding day.  This creates stress you just don't need nor deserve and trust me, it happens more than it should.

Flawless execution is not something that just happens.  Every decision made in the planning process contributes to YOU ENJOYING THE MOMENTS!

Remember, enjoy the moments!


Yolanda B